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Guide skill90%
Planning skill78%
Working with a team85%


Al Soudah Center Manager

Detail-oriented, active multi-discipline, and highly motivated person equipped with recent bachelor’s degree in law. Adept at conducting research and understanding trends to provide guidance regarding decision making. Proven skills in leadership and team management, resilient, passionate about analyzing sport based on historical data. Entrepreneurial individual with a track record of success in developing a business of my own from scratch, managing operations, acquiring customers, and establishing plans to achieve sales growth. Excellent problem solver with strong communication, interpersonal skills. Leader and relationship builder with a successful history of leading teams to support positive change. Able to ascertain needs and goals, enhance procedures, and manage multiple assignments efficiently. Competent to multitask and prioritize responsibilities to meet deadlines, Lover of trips, nature and adventure

Contact Info

Email : ahattan@pangaeaclub.net