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NEOM the city of future

Jun 1, 2024 3 min read share Share Icon

NEOM: The City of the Future


In the Tabuk region of northwestern Saudi Arabia, an ambitious project known as NEOM emerges, marking one of the largest urban and developmental projects in the world. This project aims to redefine the concept of future cities by integrating advanced technology and environmental sustainability with a modern and innovative lifestyle.

Vision and Goals:

The NEOM project was announced in October 2017 by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as part of Saudi Vision 2030. The project aims to diversify the Saudi economy, reduce dependence on oil, create new job opportunities, and promote technological and scientific development.

Location and Geography:

NEOM spans over 26,500 square kilometers, encompassing parts of three countries: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt. The location of NEOM is characterized by its geographical diversity, including stunning beaches on the Red Sea, towering mountain ranges, and vast deserts.

Innovation and Technology:

Innovation is at the heart of the NEOM project, with the city designed to be a global center for technology and research. The city will be equipped with the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, renewable energy, and high-speed connectivity. NEOM aims to attract brilliant minds and talents from around the world to work and live in an environment that supports innovation and development.

Environmental Sustainability:

NEOM aspires to be a global model for environmental sustainability. The city will be entirely powered by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. Additionally, sustainable farming practices and eco-friendly water desalination technologies will be implemented.

Modern Lifestyle and Culture:

NEOM will offer a unique and modern lifestyle. The city will feature upscale residential areas, world-class entertainment facilities, and schools and universities meeting international standards. Moreover, cultural and artistic zones will be developed to enhance the region’s cultural identity and heritage.

Economy and Job Opportunities:

The NEOM project is expected to create new job opportunities in various fields such as technology, tourism, renewable energy, and sustainable agriculture. The city will significantly impact the local and global economy, attracting substantial investments from around the world.

PANGAEA and Its Tourism Experiences:

Since 2021, Pangea has been operating in NEOM, offering unique and innovative tourism experiences. The company aims to boost tourism in the region by providing sustainable and enjoyable activities, including nature exploration trips, local cultural experiences, as well as safari and desert camping trips, and hiking and climbing adventures. These efforts contribute to enhancing NEOM’s appeal as a global tourist destination.


NEOM is not just a new city; it is an ambitious vision for a sustainable and smart future. This project symbolizes limitless potential for growth and development and reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to innovation and progress. As work progresses in NEOM, this city is expected to become a global model to be emulated, setting a new course for urban life.